My partner dressed me – Day five – Friday

The last day! The final one. R‘s salvation. His HALLELUJAH time. Seriously. I think we were both relieved it was over.

I had a day off to get ready for the Music 4 Cancer fest, a punk festival where every single cent of profit was going towards cancer research.

Here’s the outfit:


I don’t have individual pictures of the pieces, because I was in a rush all day, but you can see me good old Vans, my oldest pair of jeans and my new Parkway Drive tank top.

Now for the breakdown:

  1. Comfort: 3/5

I hate jeans. Let’s be real here, I hate jeans with a passion. These ones are comfortable, but I hate jeans. I really need to give these away.

     2. Day Appropriate: 5/5

I mean, a day off, a music festival… Jeans and a band tank top is pretty much perfect fit!

    3. Coordination: 5/5

You can’t go wrong with that. I did change into my Chuck Taylors before we left to the festival because I don’t want to ruin my Vans just yet, since I bought them like a week prior.

    4. Overall Appreciation: 4/5

One word: Jeans. Other than that, it was perfect for the day, I threw on a hoodie in the evening to prevent getting sick (spoiler alert, joke’s on me I was already going down with something)

Total: 17/20

And that was it! The whole challenge is now over! Tomorrow I’ll be breaking down my thoughts, wrap it all up and we will look at the winning outfit for that week!


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