My partner dressed me – Day five – Friday

The last day! The final one. R‘s salvation. His HALLELUJAH time. Seriously. I think we were both relieved it was over.

I had a day off to get ready for the Music 4 Cancer fest, a punk festival where every single cent of profit was going towards cancer research.

Here’s the outfit:


I don’t have individual pictures of the pieces, because I was in a rush all day, but you can see me good old Vans, my oldest pair of jeans and my new Parkway Drive tank top.

Now for the breakdown:

  1. Comfort: 3/5

I hate jeans. Let’s be real here, I hate jeans with a passion. These ones are comfortable, but I hate jeans. I really need to give these away.

     2. Day Appropriate: 5/5

I mean, a day off, a music festival… Jeans and a band tank top is pretty much perfect fit!

    3. Coordination: 5/5

You can’t go wrong with that. I did change into my Chuck Taylors before we left to the festival because I don’t want to ruin my Vans just yet, since I bought them like a week prior.

    4. Overall Appreciation: 4/5

One word: Jeans. Other than that, it was perfect for the day, I threw on a hoodie in the evening to prevent getting sick (spoiler alert, joke’s on me I was already going down with something)

Total: 17/20

And that was it! The whole challenge is now over! Tomorrow I’ll be breaking down my thoughts, wrap it all up and we will look at the winning outfit for that week!


My partner dressed me – Day four – Thursday

Thursday was my last day of the week at work. As I had mentionned, I had a day off Friday, since I was leaving early to attend a festival (Which I’ll be covering in a separate post). It was also R‘s hardest day to work with. He realized how many black skirts I own. Spoiler alert, I own 6.

Thursday was also the return of very summerey weather. Which meant the a/c would be in full blast + 1000 in the office. Spoiler alert, I got sick.

Here’s the outfit:




My Vans, pretty sure I’m going to be wearing those every single day of my life until they fall apart, a chiffon skirt, pretty whimsical. A green shirt that has silver flecks in it (I love this shirt a lot). And my good old cardi for the cold a/c.

All pieces I love individually.

Now for the breakdown:

  1. Comfort: 3/5

The skirt’s band is extremely scratchy. This is a skirt I would no wear without tights under it to prevent the band scratching me so much. It was getting so annoying that I kept pulling the band over my waist when I sat down even though it’s a hip worn skirt.

     2. Day Appropriate: 4/5

It’s a little bit more casual because of the shoes. Other than that, it was pretty okay for the day!

    3. Coordination: 3/5

The skirt did not match the other items in terms of style. That skirt is very hard to work with because of the way it looks with the different layers of chiffon.

    4. Overall Appreciation: 3/5

I was miserable all day because the skirt’s band. I was not happy.

Total: 13/20

I know I’m a few days late for these but with the festival, things got a little out of hand pretty fast. But no worries. This whole ordeal is coming to an end


I’ll see you tomorrow for Friday’s pick!

My partner dressed me – Day three – Wednesday

I don’t want to jump the gun, but Wednesday is my favorite day so far. For many reasons, but in general, Wednesday was good day!

R was soooo proud of himself for this one, he was beaming with pride. You could see on his face that he liked what he did. He was also the one to say “Time to pick your clothes!”

Here’s the outfit:




My good, trusty Vans, same tights as the day before. My favorite dress I currently own and my favorite cardigan to wear at work.

There’s a little bit of green and pink in the stripes of the cardi, mixed with the white and black, it’s just the perfect amount of color so the visual is not too boring or not too… Funeral looking.

Now for the breakdown:

  1. Comfort: 4/5

The tights. Tights are NOT comfortable. But other than that, the dress is crushed velvet and and soft like heaven. The cardigan is super tight at the arms, which I love, because it keeps me warm!

     2. Day Appropriate: 5/5

Perfect for work. I looked professional, I looked comfortable, I got tons of compliments about this look.

    3. Coordination: 5/5

I think we can all agree that this is a perfect match! Everything looks great together, my edgy side was coming through a little more and I liked it a lot.

    4. Overall Appreciation: 5/5

Three words: I love it. If I could give it a 6, I would. I think this will be a staple outfit in my rotation for the cooler weather.

Total: 19/20

R can be proud of himself with a reason. He did amazing!


I’ll see you tomorrow for Thursday’s pick!

My partner dressed me – Day two – Tuesday

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday… This one was a little harder for R. He has been sick for a couple of days and was not too keen on doing it, but he pulled through and did his best.

It was a little bit chilly, but not as much as Monday. I still needed my jacket in the morning and R took that into consideration while chosing my outfit.

Here’s the outfit:



About the outfit. I really like this dress, but find it to be a little bit short. Adding the tights was a good call from R. The cardigan covers my bum and is a little bit longer, and of course, my trusty Vans.

There was a little pop of color today, which is very fun! Not so monochromatic like the day before.

Now for the breakdown:

  1. Comfort: 4/5

I was a little bit over conscious about my bum being on show because the dress is so short, but the tights and the cardigan gave me the confidence to stop thinking about it around 3pm… 2:30 hours before I finish working. Hahaha. Also, tights are never really comfortable, but these ones are okay.

     2. Day Appropriate: 4/5

This is a very work appropriate outfit. I received a lot of compliments by my coworkers who said i looked very well put together.  It was a liiiiiitle bit too short, but nothing catastrophic.

    3. Coordination: 5/5

Everything matches perfectly! I don’t think you can go wrong with this, again. Am I starting to notice that my boyfriend is going the easy way? Definitely. And I have to give him credit for that.

    4. Overall Appreciation: 4/5

I really liked it! I felt cute, I felt professional, overall this was a good day! And I didn’t need to randomly put my jacket on in the afternoon either!

Total: 17/20

I have nothing to add, I think this is self explanatory!


I’ll see you tomorrow for Wednesday’s pick!